Sorsogon State College presidency aspirants face public to present goals

Sorsogon State College (SOURCE)
The three aspirants who are eyeing the presidency post of the Sorsogon State College (SSC) participated in a public presentation this week to share their vision for the school.

The contenders are Dr. Modestro Detera of Partido State College, Dr. Erwin Malto of Don Emilio Espinosa Sr. Memorial College of Agriculture and Technology, and Dr. Miguel Guarin of Sorsogon State College Bulan campus.

The public presentation was attended by students, non-teaching staff, faculty members, and various stakeholders of the college.

Detera, Malto, and Guarin in their speeches, gave importance to increasing the college's competitiveness by investing more effort into research work, as well as the improvement of the school's performance in sports, among others.

The next step that the aspirants have to hurdle is the evaluation by the Board of Trustees, which is tasked with selecting the next president of SSC.


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