Thursday, January 16, 2014

CASURECO II Notice of power interruption January 17, 2014

Notice of Power Service Interruption

8:00 am to 5 :00 PM
Feeder 13: Dayangdang, Liboton, Calauag, Bayan Norte, Bayan Sur, San Felipe, Pacol, Carolina, Panicuason, M. Castro

Reason: Load Tranasfer, Clearing of Lines, Correction of Fuse Rating at Dyd, Replacement of cracked insulator

9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Feeder 18: Balatas, Francia, portion of Elias Angeles, Seminary Rd., Sta. Cruz, Dimasalang, portion of Igualdad, portion of Jacob, Ateneo Avenue, P. Santos, Coke Plant, Villa Virginia Subd., Magsaysay Avenue, Mariano Village, Jimenez Subd.

Reason: Load Transfer, clearing of lines, replacement of fuse rating, replacement of cracked insulators, installation of jumper correction in Gellato, replacement of rotten crossarms.

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