Anxiety over Palarong Bicol 2014

Concentration in Naga City for the Palarong Bicol 2014
Concentration in Naga City for the Palarong Bicol 2014
Anxiety looms over the upcoming Palarong Bicol 2014, which is slated to happen in a few weeks in Virac, Catanduanes.

The parents of athletes, in particular, have expressed their concerns over the safety of their children who are attending the event. This is in light of last year’s Palarong Bicol, where a hundred participants were downed by diarrhea due to contaminated water.

The worries are compounded by the numerous gale warnings issued recently by PAG-ASA, which could make the trip from mainland Bicol to the island province quite turbulent because of the large waves in the Pacific Ocean.

Others, however, maintain that the Palarong Bicol should be held in the mainland, since most of the delegates come from such area, anyway.

Meanwhile, the organizers face a different problem--that of limited funding for the sporting event. A while back, the organizers announced a budgetary shortfall of P6.4 million, an amount that they hoped they would be able to secure from the national government. Due to the abolition of the pork barrel, however, the hope of pleading for funding assistance is now close to dead. This prompted them to find workarounds to the issue, such as soliciting contributions from politicians, and employing belt-tightening measures.

All these issues hanging over the regional sporting event do little to quell the concerns of parents, whose want for their children to bring home  medals is never outweighed by their ultimate desire to have them healthy and safe.

It is thus crucial for the organizers to make sure that they do their very best to make this year’s Palarong Bicol a success. Despite the financial constraints, they must ascertain that last year’s sanitation nightmare is not repeated, nor that any of the parents’ worries should have any real basis.


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