Measles outbreak in Sorsogon confirmed

The Sorsogon Provincial Health Office has declared a measles outbreak in the province.

According to Sorsogon City Assistant Provincial Health Officer Dr. Liduvina F. Dorion, two cases have been reported in Sorsogon City as well as Castilla.

Dorion explained that despite the low number, this is considered an outbreak already because there had been no cases of the infection for the past three years. Even a single case can be considered an outbreak as the province has shifted from the so-called control and prevention status to the current elimination status.

At present, there are barangay assemblies that are being done in the affected areas to spread awareness. Surveillance for new measles cases is also being conducted in the different towns by barangay health workers. However, there are still no plans at the moment for an outbreak response immunization.

Dorion reminded parents to have children who are between 9 months to 5 years of age immunized against measles to keep them safe against the virus-caused respiratory infection.

Meanwhile, in Albay, Department of Health (DOH) Bicol Regional Director Gloria Balboa announced that there will be a massive measles vaccination to prevent the increase of measles cases. There had been twelve cases of measles recorded in Albay during the first week of January alone.