Karate teacher found stabbed to death

Camalig, Albay
Camalig, Albay
Police authorities are hard at work at determining the motive for the killing of a karate teacher in Albay.

The victim, who was identified as Manuel Revilla, 55 years old, was found by the police in a grassy portion of Barangay Quinurtilan in Camalig town.

The victim's feet, according to the report, were sticking out of the ground while the rest of his body was buried underneath. Parts of his body which have been chopped off have also been slid into a sack.

When authorities had been able to dig the victim's body out of the ground, it was discovered to have multiple stab wounds from a bolo, and was drenched in blood.

The police have already informed the family of the victim about the incident.

Meanwhile, the initial investigation reveals that Revilla was last seen alive in the house of a friend.


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