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How to apply for an NBI Clearance via online registration at NBI Legazpi

NBI Legazpi has issued the following list of steps to guide those who want to secure an NBI clearance via online registration:

1. Go to
3. Fill up the Registration Form by encoding the following information:
a) Applicant Information
b) Contact Details
c) Family Background
d) Other Information
4. Check and review to ensure that all data are encoded correctly.
5. Then, Click SUBMIT.
6. An electronic secured Registration Code will be produced.
7. Print the Registration Form bearing the Registration Code and bring it to our NBI Office for processing.
8. Upon arrival at NBI Legazpi, please proceed to Window No. 2 (Data Checking) and present the Registration Form bearing the Registration Code. Present at least one (1) Identification Card (LTO Lic., SSS ID, TIN, Birth Certificate, etc.).
9. Then upon approval, proceed to Window No. 3 (Cashier) and present the Registration Form bearing the Registration Code together with your ID. Pay the required fee (P 115 for Local and Travel Abroad, etc.) and collect your Official Receipt.
10. After payment, proceed to Window No. 5 for Fingerprinting, Photo, and Criminal Data Checking. Pls. present your Form and Official Receipt.
11. If you have no Criminal Record with our database, proceed to Window No. 6 (Releasing) to receive your printed NBI Clearance.

However, if criminal record(s) appears under your name, you will be required to come back within 5 to 10 days for criminal record verification with NBI Manila Database. You may request for the issuance of a Certification that you have filed an application with our office at Room No. 1 located at the lobby.

The 5 to 10 days waiting period will soon be shortened as we will be installing a computer program called Quality Control which allow us real-time access to the criminal data base records in order that immediate verification can be made in establishing whether the criminal record(s) belongs or pertains to you or not as part of record checking.


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