CBSUA prexy post still vacant

CBSUA presidency aspirants
CBSUA presidency aspirants
PILI, CSUR — The Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) Board of Regents has not chosen a definite date yet for the announcement of the name of its new president.
This was confirmed by Antonio Alteza, the secretary of the aforementioned board, in an interview with BICOL STANDARD.

According to Alteza, the office of the Board of Regents will be the first to be informed about such matter, as it is tasked with disseminating the same.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ramon C. Arimado will remain as the Officer in charge of the institution until the new president is named.

During the first stage of the selection process, the members of the selection committee chose three applicants whose qualifications met the stringent requirements.

Among the aspirants are Dr. Joel Batanes, who is currently one of the vice presidents of the university; Dr. Georgina Junsay-Bordado, who heads the research and extension services; and Dr. Wenifredo Oñate, former president of Camarines Norte Agricultural College, and former professor of CBSUA.

CBSUA is the only agricultural university in the Bicol region.