Casureco II OIC GM Eddie Adlao: a professional and a gentleman

Casureco II OIC GM Eddie Adlao
Casureco II OIC GM Eddie Adlao
All kinds of insults imaginable have been hurled at Camarines Sur II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Casureco II) OIC General Manager Eddie Adlao since rumors of the power price increase began last year.

With the shocking spike in the rate of electricity, some consumers naturally looked around for someone to whom they may direct their ire.

Adlao, unfortunately, was the easy and convenient target.

After all, a the OIC GM of the Casureco II, Adlao oversees the decisions of the distribution utility, with the help of the Board Members.

However, absent a genuine understanding of the mechanism of electricity generation and distribution in the country, many consumers do not know that they are persecuting the wrong man.
In fact, the person that many believe to be the villain, is the one who has been tirelessly lobbying to decrease the price in our power bills.

Adlao has been personally negotiating with power suppliers, asking them to reconsider the impending disconnection of Casureco II, as the cooperative has been paying its dues promptly in the past.

Adlao’s extra efforts, however, are even more laudable, when one considers the fact that he receives no additional remuneration from his job as OIC General Manager.

On numerous accounts, he also made it clear that he is not bound by any political affiliations.
A native of Visayas, he even has no Bicolano blood which may motivate him to fight for the consumers of Casureco II.

What then, prompts Adlao, to continue his crusade is simply this: service. He is just doing the duties that his job mandates.

It is this that makes Adlao so admirable.

Despite the countless of tirades that are thrown against him by a noisy minority, he silently and relentlessly does his job for the sake of the power consumers.

Actions, they say, speak louder than words. Adlao’s actions, however, do not merely speak, but holler true professionalism and gentlemanliness—two values have become so rare in the world today.


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