CASURECO II board members cling to post

CASURECO II Board Member Atty. Adan Botor
CASURECO II Board Member Atty. Adan Botor
An opinion issued by the legal department of the National Electrification Administration (NEA) advised OIC General Manager Eddie Adlao not to recognize at least seven members of the CASURECO II Board.

The legal counsel based the opinion in a recent decision penned by Regional Trial Court Judge Nestor Beltran.

Such decision ordered them to vacate their post.

In a letter to the NEA, Adlao inquired as to the course of action that he should take due to the broiling controversy that involves the CASURECO  II Board of Directors.

It will be recalled that at least three elections for the board of directors have been cancelled due to a request from some officials from Naga City and the province of Camarines Sur for NEA to hold in abeyance the conduct of elections.

Furthermore, even if elections were made, no aspirant qualified to be a candidate for the Board due to the stringent qualifications specified in a  new law which regulates the selection of the board of directors.

At press time, the CASURECO II Board of Directors, representing the districts of Milaor, Minalabac, Pili, Tinambac, Siruma, Calabanga, and the city of Naga, claim that they are still holding on to their position despite the opinion because the legal stand did not, in any way, affect the provisions under Presidential Decree 269.

Under said decree, they allege that they are still the authorized members of the board, because their successors have not been elected and duly qualified.

In the face of the recent developments, the seven board members met and decided to appeal the decision of the Regional Trial Court and contest the legality of the opinion released by NEA’s legal department.

Director Adan Botor, who is a lawyer by profession, said that even if they are not recognized by Adlao, and therefore prohibited from receiving any allowances or per diems for their board meetings, he could not as yet abandon his post.

He reasoned out that it will be unlawful for them to do so because of the reasons stated above.
In fact, he added, the legal opinion sent to Adlao, is but an opinion, and does not, in any way, bind them.


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