The role of the school administration in preventing acts of bullying inside the school premises

by Florentino A. Bernal
San Rafael Elementary School
Buhi District
Buhi, Camarines Sur

Last year, the Anti-Bullying Act was signed into law. It was an answered prayer for many groups of people, including victims, aggressors, parents, and school administrators, because it finally recognized the gravity of the gargantuan problem. The problem involves all of the types of bullying that are defined in the law, such as physical, verbal, and cyber-bullying. All of these types of bullying are serious issues that have effects on the pupils’ intellectual, moral, and social development.

The Anti-Bullying Act required elementary and secondary schools to adopt policies to prevent and address the acts of bullying in their institutions. Apart from prohibiting all forms of bullying, the law emphasized that the school administration must take the lead in solving the problem of bullying. As the authorities in the school campus, the school administration has a unique role in addressing the issue because it is the body which implements the mechanisms to address bullying.

According to the law, the school administration establishes the procedures and strategies for reporting acts of bullying, responding to the acts, restoring a sense of safety for the victim, and providing counselling. It is likewise responsible for educating the students, parents and guardians about bullying, and what they can do in case such acts happen. It even has a provision on imposing a disciplinary sanction on a student who makes a false accusation of bullying.

All these provisions stated in the law serve to address bullying. However, all these are merely words unless the members of the school administration carry out the plan and truly work for a safe learning environment.

Teachers must truly be diligent in safeguarding against this horrible situation where schoolchildren are afraid to go to school for fear that they will be subject to physical or verbal abuse from other pupils.

At the same time, they must show to their pupils that they treat their colleagues with respect, and never engage in bullying other teachers or members of the school community, so as not to encourage this kind of abhorrent behavior inside the school premises.

Lastly, they must develop a good relationship with the parents who can be their teammates in preventing all forms of bullying from occurring. By keeping communication lines open, they can even reinforce the campaign against bullying inside the homes of their pupils.

It is only through these measures that we can finally rid our school systems of all acts of bullying which can damage the well-being of our students. We must remember that no pupil deserves to have a bitter memory of their schooling experience, and instead feel safe, secure, and happy in a comfortable learning environment.


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