Now hiring at BIR: Lawyers, public accountants, collection officers

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) needs 6,000 new lawyers and public accountants in a bid to reach its goal of collecting P1.3 trillion in taxes this year.

Commissioner Kim S. Jacinto Henares announced that the lawyers and public accountants are needed in urban centers like Metro Manila to assess throroughly the financial statements of taxpayers.

Meanwhile, each municipality municipality will be assigned one collection officer to ensure that no one in the countryside escapes from his or her tax obligations.

Those who are interested in applying as collection officers in municipalities must be graduates of commerce courses and have at least 18 units in accounting.

At present, the agency has 3,500 personnel in tax collection. Such figure is said to be below below the average number in other Southeast Asian nations.

For more information, kindly contact the BIR at or (02) 9817000 / 981-8888.