Ombudsman Morales sacks Mayor Gaite

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales has ordered the dismissal of town mayor Melquiades Gaite from office, due to the allegedly anomalous lease contract agreement for the lease of the public market.

NEDA OKs 5 multi-million projects for Bicol

At least 5 big-ticket projects in the Bicol region are part of the 55 flagship projects that the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) aims to complete or break ground by 2022.

Drink responsibly

Ano an pag-inom kan nakakaburat na inumon (alcoholic beverages) maraot o kasalan?

Boarding house sa Naga, target kan mga mahabon

Pinatanidan kan pulis an estudiante asin residentes digdi na dai imaging aliwalas sa saindang mga gamit sa tahaw na nagkapira nang incidente nin harabonan na an mayor na victima iyo an mga boarding houses.

For immediate hiring

For immediate hiring

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dai nagsumiter nin SOCE sa Bicol, binisto kan COMELEC

Sarong kagawad an pig-ngaranan bilang saro sa mga dai nakacumple sa requisito na magsumeter nin Statement of Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE).
Ini iyo si Panong de Jesus, na kagawad sa presente kan banwaan nin Milagros sa Masbate.
Afuera ki de Jesus, yaon man sa listahan kan COMELEC sinda Councilor Edgardo Kintanar kan Batuan, Masbate; Councilor Joven Laura kan Sorsogon City; asin Councilor Lubiano Chuck kan Sorsogon City.
Sa entrevista ki Atty. Romeo Fortes, Regional Director, COMELEC Bicol, ipig-klaro niya na duwa sa tolong huring nasambit, bakong personalmente nag-file kan SOCE, mantang an saro, dai nag-gamit kan prescribed form.
Aatubangon kan mga nasambit na pulitiko an sarong multa sa pag-palyar sa requisito.
Mientrastanto, pig-anunciar man ni Fortes na sa Abril ipapaluwas naman ninda an lista kan mga dai nagcumple kan pag-file kan SOCE sa nakaagi pa sanang barangay election.

Imbestigasyon sa minahan, pinapararom

CIUDAD NIN LEGAZPI— Sarong hararom na imbestigasyon an hinahagad ni Albay Governor Joey Salceda manungod sa nangyaring pagsabog kan sarong minahan nin uring duman sa Batan Island sa banwaan na ini.
Nakaresibi nin mga report an gobernador na lakop an ilegal na operasyon kan mga siring na minahan maski na ngani dai nagtutugot an probinsya sa maski ano man na klase nin pagmina sa nasambit na banwaan.
Maroromdoman na kan sarong bulan, duwang minero an nagadan, asin duwa pa an irido kan magkaigwa nin pagsabog sa irarom kan daga sa minahan.
Anas sinda nagtatrabaho kan panahon na ito sa Sammajo Mining Corp.
Sinabi sa report na protektado soboot an mga compania na nagmimina sa nasambit na banwaan, kaya dai napupundo an saindang operasyon.
Sa pahayag ni Salceda, sinabi niya na igwa sindang naresibi na mga report na an Department of Energy (DOE) ngani mismo an nagtao nin permiso sa mga minahan.
Ini an rason kun tano nagmanda si Governor Salceda sa Sangguniang Panlalawigan Committee on Natural Resources na mag-conducir nin imbestigasyon ta posibleng may nabalgar an mga minahan na ini sa mga probisyon kan ordinansa kontra sa pagmina.
Piglinaw ni Salceda na sa presente, mayo nin permiso na itinatao an gobierno provincial sa mga minahan, maski na ngani an legal man an permiso na itinatao kan DOE sa mga boot magmina.

FDA warns against online health scams

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning against miracle and cure-all health supplements that have proliferated in the market.
FDA Advisory No. 2013-064 warns: “Scammers promise unsuspecting consumers of miracle/cure-all health supplements and other medical cures that are offering unbelievable results.  Be wary of these advertisements and marketing schemes of unscrupulous individuals whose main concern is profit.”
The following reminders are included in the warning to help consumers exercise caution over said scams:
Cure-all health supplements that promised quick and easy remedies for serious health conditions. The truth: Health/dietary supplements are merely food products intended to be taken only to support the nutritional needs of the body and not meant to have any therapeutic effect or to replace prescribed medications. These products are usually not approved by the FDA, ineffective, and in some cases they may actually affect your health.
Be wary of internet advertisements for rapid weight loss or whitening/ beauty treatments. If such advertisements are too good to be true, suspect that it is a scam. Usually these products may cause you harm instead of the desired results. Always remember that there is no substitute for proper diet and regular exercise and no such thing as sole item of a meal or diet or replacement of drugs and medicines.
The FDA also encouraged consumers to report health scams or counterfeit drugs to the government agency through email at

Bank launches search for exemplary teachers

The Metrobank Foundation, Inc. (MBFI), in cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd), announced the launching of the 2014 Search for Outstanding Teachers. Now on its 30th year milestone, the Search has awarded a total of 326 outstanding teachers from public and private schools all over the country.
The Search bestows honor upon the teaching profession by according special recognition to teachers who manifest profound commitment to the development of the youth through exemplary competence, remarkable dedication to their work and effective educational leadership.
The Search is open to teachers who are Filipino citizens teaching in the elementary, secondary or tertiary levels, including alternative learning system, with full-time or permanent appointment and with full load.
Elementary school heads are entitled to nominate two teacher-nominees, one each for the primary and intermediate levels, while each high school head is entitled to nominate only one teacher.
Nominees need to accomplish a two-page Basic Information Sheet (BIS), without any attachments yet. The accomplished BIS should be submitted to any Metrobank Branch nearest the nominee’s school or sent via courier to Metrobank Foundation, 4th Floor, Executive Offices, Metrobank Plaza, Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City, on or before January 27, 2014.
For more information, kindly log on to or contact Mr. Allan Reyes, Senior Program Officer, Metrobank Foundation at telephone nos.(02)857-0618; (02)898-8898; 0922-804-3102; 0922-898-8856; or e-mail address

Baklang sinahotan naglalay nin menor de edad, dinakop

Sarong lalaki an dinakop kan Naga City Police Office sa paagi nin sarong entrapment operation sa soboot pagkikidnap kaini kan sarong menor de edad.
An suspetsado, na si Norman “Sandy” Saminiano, 25 anyos, dinakop sa Plaza Quince Martires poco mas o menos alas 12ng matanga kan sarong aldaw.
Pina-sagin-sagin kan policia an menor de edad na makikiiba giraray ini ki Saminiano tanganing ini madakop.
Si Saminiano, ipigreklamo kan pankikidnap soboot kan sarong 17 anyos na lalaki na nawawara kan Octubre 23 pa, segun sa blotter report kan Iriga PNP.
Nagpromesa soboot si Saminiano na tatabangan an joven na magin modelo.
Inako kan suspetsado na kasalan niya nanggad na mamoot siya sa menor de edad.
Alagad, sa saiyang depensa, nagpahayag siya na maray man an saiyang pagtratar sa joven, asin tolong bulan na ngani sinda kaini mag-ilusyon.
Pignegaran niya man na pig-kidnap niya an joven.

Bicolana bags Miss International 2013 crown

22-year-old Bea Rose Santiago recently joined the region’s growing list of Bicolana beauties to be recognized in an international beauty pageant.
Santiago was crowned Miss International 2013 yesterday at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Hall in Tokyo, Japan.
In an interview with media, Santiago shared that she was born in Cataingan, Masbate. There, she learned several languages, showing more proficiency in some more than others. Among these languages are  Masbateño, Bicol, Bisaya, Tagalog, Hiligaynon, Waray, and English.
When she was fifteen years old, however, she and her family migrated to Canada. There, she continued her studies, eventually majoring in Public Relations at the York University in Toronto.
Santiago became a model in Canada, joining the popular modeling agency Elite Model Management.
Never one to forget her roots, Santiago remarked in a recent interview that she both has “the probinsyana and the city girl” in her, growing up in two continents.
In 2011, she got her first taste of joining beauty pageants, as she represented the overseas communities in the Mutya ng Pilipinas pageant. She took home the Mutya ng Pilipinas Overseas Communities title.
A year later, she joined Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2012, where she ended up as one of the top 10 finalists.
2013, however, is Santiago’s lucky year, as she garnered the Binibining Pilipinas-International title. In said tilt, she competed against Ariella Arida (Miss Universe Philippines); Joanna Cindy Miranda (Binibining Pilipinas-Tourism); Mutya Johanna Datul (Miss Supranational Philippines); and Pia Wurtzbach (Runner-up).
Winning said title at the Binibining Pilipinas gave Santiago the ticket to compete with 66 ladies from other countries and regions. The title would make her the fifth Filipina to be named Miss International, after Gemma Cruz-Araneta in 1964, Aurora Pijuan in 1970, Melanie Marquez in 1979 andPrecious Lara Quigaman in 2005. Likewise, it made her the third Filipina to bag an international title this year, after Megan Young won Miss World, and Mutya Datul won Miss Supranational.
Santiago says that she dedicates her win to the victims of recent supertyphoon Yolanda,  pledging that her crown and title would be put to good use in helping its thousands of victims.

Tano ta fecha 25 kan Disyembre ta pinagseselebrar an Christmas?

Sinasabi kan mga historian na si Kristo namundag sa pagultanan kan 7 asin 2 BC. Alagad, dai sinda sigurado kun ano talagang bulan asin fecha ini nangyari.
Oficial na ipinagtogdas na Disyembre 25 an fecha kan kamundagan ni Kristo kan simbahan kan ika-4 na siglo na.
Enot kaini, man-iba-iba an opiniones kan mga lideres kan simbahan sa bulan asin aldaw kan pagkamundag ni Kristo.
Si Clement of Alexandria nagsabi na Mayo 20 namundag si Kristo, alagad si Hippolytus nagsabi na January 2.
May iba man na lideres kan simbahan na nagtubod na Abril 18, Abril 19, Mayo 28, Nobiembre 17, Nobiembre 20, o Marso 25 an fecha kan pagkamundag ni Kristo.
Alagad, nagdesidir an mga lideres kan taon 237 na ipagtogdas na Disyembre 25 an Christmas sosog sa sarong dakulang selebrasyon kan mga paganong Romano na ginigibo sa nasambit na fecha.
An selebrasyon kan mga pagano para sa diyos ninda na pinag-aapod na Mithras, an diyos kan saldang.
Naisipan kan mga lideres kan simbahan na isabay na sana sa selebrasyon na ini an Christmas, tanganing dai na masakitan an mga pagano na akuon an saindang mga katukduan manungod sa pagkamundag ni Kristo.
Alagad mantang naging oficial na an fecha kan Christmas na Disyembre 25 sa dakol na nasyones, may mga nasyones pa na Enero ini pinag-seselebrar.
Sa nasyones kan Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, asin Iceland, an Christmas pinag-seselebrar pag fecha 6 kan Enero sosog man sa saindang mga kostumbre.

Taga-sain si Santa Claus?

Popular lalo na sa mga kaakian an matabang lalaki na nagdadara nin regalo pag Pasko. Siya inaapod na Santa Claus, sarong tradisyon na namana ta hale sa mga Amerikano.

Alagad aram daw nindo na an orihinal sa Santa Claus, bakong Amerikano, asin bako man Europeo? Siya hale digdi mismo sa kontinente kan Asya.

An orihinal na Santa Claus pinagtutubudan na sarong obispo na nagngangarang Nicolas. Siya nabuhay sa nasyon kan Turkey kan ika-4 na siglo.

Naging sikat siya kaidto sa saiyang pagiging matinabang, lalo na sa mga kaakian.

An istorya kan pagka-matinabang naglakop sa Europa, arog duman sa The Netherlands, kun sain siya inapod na Sinterklaas, o kun sa Bicol, San Nicolas.

Iyo na ini an pinagbasehan kan tradisyon na naka-abot sa Estados Unidos, kun sain ginibo kan mga artist an modernong itsura ni Santa Claus.

Alagad, apuera ki Santa Claus, iba-iba an mga pinagtutubudan na nagdadara nin regalo sa mga kaakian sa manlaen-laen na nasyones. Sa England, nagtutubod sinda ki Father Frost. Sa Finland, ki Joulupukki. Sa Germany, ki Ded Moroz Sa Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia asin Poland, ki Mikulas. Sa Sweden, Norway, asin Denmark, sa tomte, na sarong dwende. Sa Italy, sa Befana, sarong aswang. Sa Greece, ki Saint Basil, na sarong padi. Sa ibang parte kan Scandinavia, sa yule goat, o kanding. Sa Basque region kan Spain, ki Olentzero, sarong para-oring. Mantang sa Latin America, nagtutubod sinda na an omboy na si Hesus an nagdadara nin regalo sa mga maboboot na aki.

Bicol’s agricultural renaissance

Bicol has gotten an early Christmas gift this year in the form of a scientific breakthrough. The bunchy top virus, which has long plagued abaca plantations, finally has a solution, thanks to the team of scientists from various agencies. What is even more astounding is that the solution was right under our noses the whole time: a wild banana species that is endemic to our region was discovered to have a bunchy top-resistant gene.
It is worth spelling out what this development means for Bicol. The region has long been exporting abaca, along with several other provinces such as Eastern Visayas and Davao. Our climate has long been identified as ideal for growing the plant whose fibers are prized the world over for its tensile strength and multitude of uses. However, many farmers have been discouraged from continuing to produce abaca as the plant is vulnerable to a number of diseases.
Among these is the bunchy top virus, which causes spots and stunted leaves, among others, damaging thousands of hectares of abaca plantations in a single year. Apart from the virus, there is also the mosaic and abaca bract mosaic viruses, which likewise threaten the productivity of abaca plantations, and subject of current research from the abovementioned agencies.
Now, with a solution for the bunchy top virus, more farmers in the Bicol region can once again take advantage of the optimal planting conditions to grow abaca for export. This is good news especially for farmers living in impoverished towns, as the new abaca hybrid may help draw them out of poverty.
Already, the Fiber Industry Development Authority has recognized Bicol’s potential. Last year, the region was named the top producer of abaca, surpassing Eastern Visayas and Davao. Now, with Eastern Visayas wiped out from the super typhoon, Bicol has an even greater chance of securing a higher market share. Bicol is poised on the brink of success. However, it would need a lot of support from the various sectors in society for it to take the first step into what may be an agricultural renaissance.

Dato, GMA propose town SPED centers

Reps. Diosdado Macapagal Arroyo (2nd District, Camarines Sur) and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (2nd District, Pampanga) have filed a bill creating municipal special education centers in every municipality to ensure the accessibility of special education facilities for deaf-mute and blind children throughout the country.
The two congressmen have authored House Bill 3039, which aims to concretize the constitutional mandate that the State shall “promote the right of all citizens to quality education… and to make such education accessible to all.”
The Camarines Sur representative said that compared to normal children, deaf-mute and blind children have different and special needs that require careful attention and care.
Arroyo said that in the early 90s, the Congressional Commission on Education or EDCOM had already reported the inadequacy of programs and the poor access to special education (SPED) due to the limited number of schools and SPED centers in the country.
“In DECS Order No. 117, series of 1987, under Policies and Guidelines governing Special Education, it categorized and identified those persons with sensory impairment as special education clientele,” Arroyo said.
According to the younger Arroyo, the bill is timely and important as it seeks to address the problem of limited SPED facilities by establishing Municipal Special Education Centers for deaf-mute and blind children.
Under the measure, municipal special education centers shall be created in every municipality throughout the country.
These centers shall assist the Department of Education (DepEd) in providing deaf-mute and blind children special quality education and related services as well as vocational and transitional services.
It shall likewise provide these children currently in school or who recently left school programs and services to assist them in the transition to independent living, vocational training and competitive employment.
The DepEd is given the authority to give grants to or enter into cooperative arrangements for the creation of municipal special education centers.
The bill directs the Special Education Division of the DepEd to undertake continuing research to identify and design programs that meet the full range of special needs of deaf-mute and blind children.

CASURECO II confirms power rate hike

CSUR —Camarines Sur Electric Cooperative (CASURECO) II consumers will be charged an additional P3.89 in their electric bill this December.
This was confirmed by CASURECO II spokesperson Emmanuel Rojo, who explained that the power rate will increase from P11.50/kwh in November to P15.30/kwh this month for residential consumers.
Rojo revealed that the rate hike is due to the unplanned shutdown of major power suppliers from which the electric cooperative gets 40 percent of its power requirement. Among these suppliers are Masinloc and BacMan, which are currently undergoing maintenance work.
To cover the power requirement of its consumers, CASURECO II would be purchasing from the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM), a sport market that sells power at around P3 higher than the aforementioned regular suppliers.
Before the shutdown of Masinloc and BacMan, CASURECO only needed to buy 10 percent of its power supply from WESM. However, it now needs to rely completely on such spot market to continue providing for the needs of its consumers.
The power rate hike affects consumers in Naga City, as well as the municipalities of Canaman, Calabanga, Bombon, Pili, Milaor, Minalabac, Tinambac, and Siruma.
Rojo announced that by February 2014, the power rate is expected to return to normal.

KBP officials defer election

NAGA CITY—The Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Camarines Sur Chapter yesterday decided to forego their scheduled election for a new set of officers. Instead, they declared that their incumbent officials shall stay on a holdover capacity.
In a gathering of station managers held at the Villa Caceres Hotel, ABS-CBN Station Manager Amy Villafuerte sponsored a resolution to move the election to a later date, until after member stations are given enough time to comply with necessary requirements. Among these is a certification that said stations paid their annual dues to the organization. Al Ubaña, Station Manager of DWNX, duly seconded the resolution.
Prior to this, Crisanto Bersabe, station manager of Energy FM, took over the chairmanship from former station manager Elmer Abad, who resigned a few months ago.
Insiders say that Bersabe’s chairmanship was supposed to be challenged by Home Radio Station Manager Butch Villante.

Bicol wild banana variety solves bunchy top problem

A wild banana variety that is endemic to the Bicol region was identified as the solution against the dreaded bunchy top virus that attacks the abaca plant.
The banana variety, which is known as pacol in the local language, was found to possess genes that are resistant to the bunchy top virus.
This conclusion was the result of a collaborative project among agencies such as the Department of Science and Technology’s Philippine Council for Agriculture, University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB), Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (DOST-PCAARRD), and Department of Agriculture-Biotech.
Their project, called “Production of High Yielding and Virus-resistant Abaca Hybrids” makes use of genetic engineering technologies to identify the virus-resistant genes.
Project leader Dr. Antonio Lalusin, Jr. explained that they used molecular markers to take note of which genes of the pacol were resistant to the virus. Once identified, they proceeded with cross-breeding the resistant gene of the pacol with the abaca. Finally, they bred the result with another abaca plant, resulting in a hybrid variety which already possesses the virus-resistant gene.
Lalusin elucidated that the use of genetic engineering methods greatly reduced the time needed to produce the bunchy-top resistant abaca. Compared to conventional breeding methods which take as much as ten years, genetic engineering required only five years or less.
The project seeks to increase the good quality abaca fiber yield by 0.2 MT/hectare, allowing for an estimated Php 579.5 million in revenues.
Beyond the production of the bunchy top-resistant hybrid abaca, the team also aims to produce 2.5 million plantlets in the coming year. Around a million of these plantlets, produced via the process of tissue culture are now being readied in their laboratory and field trial station.
Abaca has massive importance to the Bicol region. According to the Fiber Industry Development Authority (FIDA), the region is now the top producer in the entire country, surpassing both Eastern Visayas and Davao in recent years. Bicol contributes 36% to the overall 85% global market share that the nation enjoys. The plant’s fiber is widely known for its great tensile strength, which makes it appropriate for use in products such as bank notes, specialty papers, handicrafts, textiles, and machine filters.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All they need for Christmas is you

by Margret V. Basmayor

They can’t see anything. They hear a lot of noise, though – children crying, people screaming, a siren? They don’t know. All they know is that they’re stuck in this city of broken glass, dried blood and demolished buildings, to lay forever crippled and starving in this mess, and to stare at this pitch-black atmosphere, at this nothingness, where they used to work, play and dream. There are no glow-in-the-dark watches anywhere -- they couldn’t tell what time it is. It must have been about three days after the storm, but they feel as if a century has passed, and no superhero has come to the rescue. Maybe this is hell, or purgatory? (It is definitely not heaven.) Maybe this was a punishment for something they have done wrong? Will they ever see a ray of hope in this cloudy sky? They don’t know.
Our beloved country has suffered much and our citizens have been exhausted to the limit of their strength. The Zamboanga crisis where thousands of innocent lives have been claimed in vain; the pork barrel scam where the funds of country disappeared, stolen by people we trusted; the earthquake in Bohol which shook the islands of Visayas and shattered lives and buildings to dust; and Typhoon Yolanda, probably the strongest typhoon ever recorded, which finished us off and took what’s left of us. The Filipinos are good people: we work hard, we are loyal, and we are strong, compassionate, and loving. Is this what we get for being nice this Christmas?
The chilly winds outside told me that Christmas is coming. Indeed, it is drawing near. All those Christmas-themed TV commercials, midnight sales, parties, radio playlists, and the sheer excitement of the majority show that they are ready to welcome the season of Christmas. Is it alright if I admit that I don’t feel the same way? Reality check: people are still suffering and dying out there and all people can think about is that new iPhone they want for Christmas.
As the people who are still lucky enough to have decent roofs over our heads and blankets and hot chocolate to keep us warm, it is our duty not to feel their pain and suffer because they suffer, but to move for justice this Christmas. Christmas, after all, is all about giving and sharing what you have. Maybe we should rebuild the society instead of building a foreign cooking show-inspired gingerbread house and redecorating our homes with strings of colorful lights. To be a true Filipino does not mean you have to do something extraordinary to get the whole world to notice you. It means that you have to be there for your fellow citizens when they need you most. Filipinos are torches of blazing fire. Since some of them have gone out, why not relight them?
Our country has been attacked with challenge after challenge for the past few months. We have been threatened, but we have not been defeated. Some of us fell, some got hurt, but we are ready to nurse them back to health with the burning fire in our hearts. We share, we unite, and we give every ounce of love that we have to reconstruct our nation. This is Christmas 2013 in the Philippines.




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