Due to typhoon Yolanda, profit is not king this Christmas season

NAGA CITY— It may have been a month since super typhoon Yolanda hit the nation, but its repercussions continue to ripple through the various sectors of society.
In this city, for instance, some caterers have reported that agencies and organizations which have earlier made reservations for Christmas parties are now backing out. These agencies and organizations reason that they have already cancelled their parties to express solidarity with the victims of the recent calamities. This clearly means significantly less revenue for owners of catering companies during a season that is typically lucrative for their industry.
The Park Restaurant and Crown Hotel owner Richard Dy, however, fully understands the sentiments of those who have cancelled their reservations.
“Bicolanos are typically sympathetic people. We feel guilty to celebrate when so many others are suffering, so it is a natural response to refrain from holding parties,” says Dy.
“At a time like this, I think that profit should not be the primary concern of business owners. Instead of being bitter, we should be grateful that our region was spared from the wrath of Yolanda,” he adds.
Dy believes that business owners have much to gain by being understanding and helpful, especially during the Christmas season. Such gain, he says, is not measured by income, but by a sense of satisfaction that one has done something good for society.