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Nagueña named 2013 National Outstanding SPED Teacher

NAGA CITY— A  teacher of the Naga City SPED Center was awarded 1st Place National Winner in the Search for 2013 Outstanding SPED Teachers Handling Children with Hearing Impairment.
The teacher, Cyril Amoroso-Vivo, is from barangay Bagumbayan Norte. Affectionately called Teacher Cyril by her pupils and colleagues,  she has been working in the Naga City SPED Center since 2005.
Nagueña named 2013 National Outstanding SPED Teacher
Nagueña named 2013 National Outstanding SPED Teacher
(Photo courtesy of Mrs. Cyril Amoroso-Vivo)
She recounts that the Search began in September 2013. However, initially, the contest did not excite her as she considered that her co-teachers may be interested in the award, as well.

Showing utmost humility, she waited until no one showed an intent before she joined the contest.
Mrs. Edna San Jose, SPED Supervisor Dr. Renato Gavino, and co-teachers in the Naga City SPED Center all showed their support, encouraging and assisting her in the challenge.

Vivo bested other teachers in the three levels of the contest: division, regional, and finally, national.
In the division level, she was endorsed by Schools Division Superintendent Emma I. Cornejo, CESO IV, after she passed the screening conducted by Dr. Renato Gavino and Mrs. Francia Regulto, EPS, headed by Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Dolores Q. Mapusao.
Having hurdled said level, Vivo proceeded to the regionals, where she needed to submit documents to fulfill the criteria. She was named the winner out of the four contenders from Bicol.

“I think one of the deciding factors for my winning was my performance as Concurrent Resource Speaker on the topic ‘Best Practices for Children with Hearing Impairment.” says Vivo.

However, ultimately, she believes that it was her passion for teaching and compassion to serve the special learners that made her achieve the prestigious award.

Apart from the national recognition, however, Vivo has received plenty of other accolades as a teacher. Among these are ranking first in the selection of Master Teachers in the division, as well as the Best in Teacher Uniform Award during the Search for Miss DepEd Naga City Division. She also published a book called My First Book of Words, as well as an article called “Coping with the hearing world.”

One of her greatest achievements in life, however, is being a mother to her two-year-old son, Mark Francis “Biboy.” She reveals that the arrival of her son conceals the grief that she experienced from losing their eldest daughter, Angel, who only stayed with her for six months. Vivo is married to Mr. Rudy Vivo, a Master Teacher  from the same school, who shows dedication to mentoring pupils with special needs, as well.

Despite these achievements, Vivo remains a simple, soft-spoken, and humble woman whose passion for teaching hearing-impaired students is now serving as an inspiration not only for  her colleagues at the Naga City SPED Center, but also for teachers all over the country.

Even her friends attest to her values, especially her appreciation of  little details and her firm belief in doing good deeds for others.

Meanwhile, DepEd considers her as a gem, a true role model and a source of pride for other educators.

“I am thankful to God for His never-ending grace, and for giving me wonderful people who are all part of my achievements,” she says of her award.

“To anyone who is aspiring to be the next outstanding SPED teacher, go for it! Just believe in yourself, give it your best shot, and pray.  Always live your life by leading with your heart, and continue to make a difference especially for our special kids,” she says. (by Veronica P. Villas)


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